Server issues/WP Super Gibberish

I’ve been having some server issues lately which caused the site to be SUPER SLOW! It seems to be okay now. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but the server seems to have fixed itself (now that’s what I call artificial intelligence!)

I am also having some issues with WP Super Cache. It displays garbled text everytime expired pages are deleted and re-cached. I’ve tried switching compression off so hopefully that works. This is normally caused by mod_deflate which re-compresses files that are already gzipped but I’m not using apache so I don’t think that applies to me (or does it?). If anyone has any idea why the compression doesn’t work please leave a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Server issues/WP Super Gibberish

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  2. Donncha says:

    Grab the updated files from this thread:
    Do they help?

    Ugh.. snow, closing tab asap!

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