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Tweets on 2009-04-29

  • RT @donncha: Twitter’s like IRC #
  • server issue was caused by WP Super Cache. the load time kept increasing when wp super cache is enabled…weird #
  • RT @marchorowitz: What would happen if a man botoxed his balls? #
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Tweets on 2009-04-28

  • just migrated from lsws to nginx. site load time has reduced by about 30sec but it still takes about 10 sec to load #
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Tweets on 2009-04-21

  • going through 500 spam comments on my blog! #

Tweets on 2009-04-13

  • happy easter everyone! #
  • @apeatling happy birthday! #
  • my mom is still in hospital. docs say her oxygen levels are still too low because of a bad bout of athsma #
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Tweets on 2009-04-05

  • 4 hours and 3 code rewrites later, i find out that the damn error was because buddypress didn’t create the damn table! #

Tweets on 2009-04-02