Gonna keep it short and sweet this time (cos I have an exam tomorrow!). Here’s a list of things I’ve managed to do since my 21st birthday…

  1. Grown my hair out. I never realised how curly my hair is, probably cos it is usually always very short. I’ve got a mini-afro thing going on now and I kinda like it 🙂
  2. Did a marketing internship at Fujitsu (Malaysia) last summer and I really enjoyed it. It was outside my comfort zone but I guess that’s part of the reason I took it in the first place.
  3. Applied for internships for this summer but wasn’t really successful at first. Got rejected by Bloomberg after the worst interview of my life (worst in the sense I’ve never done so badly in an interview) but I managed to get one at Parker Hannifin (UK) for this summer (yay!)
  4. Switched to a Mac. Got quite fed-up with my Compaq and I wanted something that is Unix-based but could still perform very well so it was a no-brainer really. Ubuntu was good but I probably spent less time working on it and more time getting it working!!!

No new theme this time cos I’ve been quite busy with the exams but if I find a new one that’s better than the current one I’ll update.


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