Tweets for the week ending 2011-08-14

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  • @rachieelaz she's alive!!!! How's everything? #
  • @rachieelaz depends…normally abt a year, if aunty Hazel is around then abt 10 seconds!!! #
  • @rachieelaz nothin much. Just busy with work…that's abt it really. Haven't been doing much else mainly cos of the riots #
  • @rachieelaz yea it's alright. Ur sis n unzel are there so why r u bored? #
  • @Hemanaath what riots?! 😛 yea I'm alright la. Just can't go anywhere at night cos everything closes up early now. How's stuff over there? #
  • @cheeseong7 de ur full of crap la #
  • I'm at The Chimes (High Street, Uxbridge) #
  • I'm at ODEON Uxbridge & IMAX (The Chimes Shopping Centre, Uxbridge) #
  • epic… #

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