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Over the years there have been many attempts to locate the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat, as well as several dubious claims of discovery. Rather than a specific location, the Bible says the ark came to rest on the “Mountains of Ararat”, while in Quranic tradition, the summit is identified as Mount Judi. Today’s Mt Ararat was originally called Mount Masis, and attained the new name from being the highest peak of the Armenian Highland, and therefore the most likely place for the ark to come to rest.1


The general area in which the ark may be located covers eastern Turkey, Armenia, northern Iraq and northern Iran. Unless a boat can be found atop or very high up a mountain, the only other acceptable means for identifying Noah’s Ark would be its dimensions – and only if enough of it had survived.


Most people who have searched for the ark have been motivated by their religion, and most non-religious scientists would presume the story of the ark is just a myth. Those who believe that every word of the Bible is true will accept that a flood can cover every mountain in the region of Mt Ararat. Scientists know that such a flood is geologically impossible, based on the amount of water that exists in the world today (see below). But what if the truth lies somewhere in-between… a true survival story that was exaggerated for religious purposes? I believe I have come across a possible Noah’s Ark – and it is not a ship.

Noah’s Ark Was A Bunker?.

Noah’s Ark Was A Bunker?

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