A Brief History of Machine Learning

Since the initial standpoint of science, technology and AI, scientists following Blaise Pascal and Von Leibniz ponder about a machine that is intellectually capable as much as humans. Famous writers like Jules Verne , Frank Baum (Wizard of OZ), Marry Shelly (Frankenstein), George Lucas (Star Wars) dreamed artificial beings resembling human behaviors or even more, swamp humanized skills in different contexts.

Machine Learning is one of the important lanes of AI which is very spicy hot subject in the research or industry. Companies, universities devote many resources to advance their knowledge. Recent advances in the field propel very solid results for different tasks, comparable to human performance (98.98% at Traffic Signs – higher than human-).

Here I would like to share a crude timeline of Machine Learning and sign some of the milestones by no means complete. In addition, you should add “up to my knowledge” to beginning of any argument in the text.

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