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Analysis of Apple’s SSL/TLS bug

One more thing…

It has been exactly a year since the passing of Steve Jobs. He’s been called the Da Vinci of our time, and rightly so. His speech at the Stanford University Commencement in 2005 was perhaps the only time he spoke about himself, his experiences and his views on life.

Thanks for the memories Steve

WordPress MU Subdomain Forwarding 0.1

My first WordPress plugin. The plugin basically turns a vanilla WordPress MU installation into a subdomain forwarding/mapping site. It supports path forwarding and allows path forwarding for a hosted profile. I’ve just spend the past hour writing the plugin description, instructions, etc. so I’m a little tired of writing right now. More info on the plugin here.

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Server issues/WP Super Gibberish

I’ve been having some server issues lately which caused the site to be SUPER SLOW! It seems to be okay now. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but the server seems to have fixed itself (now that’s what I call artificial intelligence!)

I am also having some issues with WP Super Cache. It displays garbled text everytime expired pages are deleted and re-cached. I’ve tried switching compression off so hopefully that works. This is normally caused by mod_deflate which re-compresses files that are already gzipped but I’m not using apache so I don’t think that applies to me (or does it?). If anyone has any idea why the compression doesn’t work please leave a comment.

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I’ve decided to call my Twitter app pyTwit. I’ve searched the Twitter Fan Wiki list of apps and there doesn’t seem to be a pyTwit yet so I’ve decided to claim the name (hey it rhymes!)

Anyways, I did a version 0.1.1 which was basically adding the functionality for posting tweets but I’ve also added many more features (like displaying multiple timelines and a command system for using the different features) and redesigned the code structure so I’ve decided to call this one version 0.2

You can check it out here. I’ve also included a compiled Windows executable in the archive for those who are unfortunate enough to be running using Microsuck Windows…me included 🙁

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My own Twitter app

OK I know we really don’t need yet another Twitter app but I’m doing this to practice programming in python. This is version 0.1 so I’ll definately add more stuff as I go along.

I’m using the XML feed from the Twitter REST API. I know there are modules to process the XML feed (like minidom and sax) but I decided to write my own method for processing the feed for educational purposes. My method won’t work with any feed (yet) but it’ll work fine for the Twitter feed.

At the moment, the app will only get your friends timeline and display it for you. I’ll add more functionality later this week if I have the time. In the mean time please try it out. All comments/criticism/suggestions/feedback are welcomed.

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Temp Design…

Ok I’ve finally settled on a temporary design to use until I finish my own. Finding a suitable one wasn’t easy because I wanted one that wasn’t too crouded yet had enough space for me to put a whole lotta rubbish in it. This one is called Illacrimo by Design Disease. Off course I wil change the design again soon for the Christmas season, as I do every year, but that will only last for a month or so. This is a more long-term design as I probably won’t have the time to finish my own design until I’m done with my university application.

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Scripts are up

I’ve just finished uploading the scripts and creating pages for each of them. It was tedious because I had to edit each page manually but I’ve finally finished. I’ve also updated the HotScripts download links. I will probably start work tomorrow on a plugin for the software page, to track the downloads and manage the pages. I’m using this plugin at the moment. It’s works great but it means I have to update the script pages seperately after I’ve uploaded the file. Anyways, will update on plugin progress tomorrow. Time for my beauty sleep now!

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