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I needed this for a project I’m working on. I have one upgrade planned but this is the basic script. It will get the whois details for any domain name that is registered anywhere. No need to update a file with whois server addresses or anything of that sort.

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Demo: Coming Soon
Download Hazard.Whois.zip now
Still supported, update coming very soon

6 thoughts on “Hazard Whois

  1. Jade says:

    Great Work Buddy

    you should look at configuring this to a Plugin for WordPress

    That would rock, and also be able to just return > Registered / unavailable, and provide a option to then run a further lookup

    • Joe Jacobs says:

      Haven’t looked at this plugin in a long while. Good to know it still works 😛

      Turning it into a WordPress plugin shouldn’t be too hard. It is quite a basic script, just a matter of turning it into a widget or creating a shortcode for it.

      Checking whether the domain is available or not would be a little more involved though I’m not sure how much more. I think the main issue is that different registrars return the data in different formats so it could be a little difficult to check the domain status using WHOIS. There may be another method to do that however.

  2. Juan Carlos Cabrera says:

    That wordpress plugin would be awesomeee!!

  3. Chris says:

    Great script. Is there a way to open the results in a smaller popup window, sorry new to this.

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