Random Scripts

Just a collection of all random scripts I have written over the years; some more useful than others, most were written as programming exercises when I was getting started.

Random Generator (PHP) – Given a list of anything (eg. quotes in a text file) selects a random one for display.

Contact Form (PHP) – A simple contact form for use on your website.

Download Counter (PHP) – A very simple download counter that can also mask the actual physical location of the file on your web server. No database required (data stored in text file).

Hit Counter (PHP) – Very basic hit counter that doesn’t require a database.

Language Redirection (PHP) – Redirects the user to different pages based on the browsers language setting.

Mail Link (PHP) – Attempts to hide the mailto link from bots by redirecting the user to to a mailto link. Not foolproof but it did work for me for a while.

phpBB News Add-On (PHP) – Pulls posts from a certain board in a phpBB install for display elsewhere. Used this as my “blogging” system before WordPress became famous (i.e. I would post to the forum and this script would pull the first post in each topic and display it on the home page). Probably doesn’t work anymore (last I checked it worked with phpBB 3).

WAP Redirection (PHP) – Redirects users to different pages based on their user agent. You should probably use something a lot more robust to detect most modern mobile browsers.

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