Whois Server

A simple no-frills (bleeding edge, not for production use) whois server. Acts as the middle-man between your client (PHP script, iOS app, etc.) and the actual whois servers so you don’t need to store a list of whois servers in your client.

  • written in node.js (mainly as an exercise for me to learn node.js)
  • seems to work as expected
  • hardcoded to run on port 9000
  • no caching of results so if we are blocked by the whois server, we’ll just return the error message to the user
  • doesn’t have/need a list of whois servers since we get this automatically from IANA
  • the whois servers for different TLDs are cached so we don’t need to keep querying the IANA server



You can get the latest version from the git repository (if you’re not sure what that is, maybe this isn’t for you just yet).

git clone git://github.com/joejacobs/whois-server.git

To run just type

node main.js

If you would like to turn on verbose output to console

node main.js -v

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