Yet Another Multi-Site Manager

I don’t think this plugin works with the latest version of WordPress so please wait until June 2013 for an update before installing this on your site.

This plugin basically allows you to host blogs on multiple domain names while maintaining one WordPress MU main site.

For example, the main site could be but users will also be able to sign up for blogs on, or any other domain name that you choose to add.

  • All the sites will have the same settings
  • No extra blogs/tables are created for the additional domain names
  • All blogs will be viewable on the Site Admin blog list

Alternatively, if you would like to request a feature and/or report a bug, please visit the forum or the trac repository. You will have to login with your username and password to access these.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Remote login does not work with this version
  • Only tested with VHOST installs in root directory


If you download this plugin (as I hope you will) please drop me a line at HIDDEN EMAIL or via the contact form with feedback/suggestions/complaints/bugs/your website URI/just to say hi!



1. Create a new directory in /wp-content/plugins/ called yamm.
2. Upload yet-another-multi-site-manager.php & yamm-signup.php into the directory you just created
3. Upload sunrise.php to /wp-content/. If there already is a sunrise.php file there you will have to merge the two files.
4. Edit wp-config.php and uncomment the SUNRISE definition line: define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' );
5. As the site admin activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress MU.
6. Go to Site Admin->Yet Another Multi-Site Manager and add domain names/change the signup page slug.

NOTE: If you are using the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, use dm-sunrise.php instead. You will have to rename it sunrise.php once you have moved it to /wp-content/.


Copyright © 2009 Joseph Jacobs

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see



  • Changed table names to variables to accomodate custom table prefixes
  • Updated dm-sunrise.php for compatibility with WordPress MU Domain Mapping 0.4.3


  • Initial public release
  • GLerner
    #1 written by GLerner  4 years ago

    “Only tested with VHOST installs in root directory”

    I have two domain names, on one hosting account. Both domains are pointing to active web sites. So I can’t install WordPress in the root for either of those domains.

    To get a VHOST install in root directory, do I have to purchase another domain name? Or will a sub-domain work?

    Once I have WordPress (3.0? MU?) installed in root directory, does it manage blogs in a sub-directory? If I install in can I manage blogs in, and

    • Joe Jacobs
      #2 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      I’m guess you could run wordpress from a subdomain as long as you have a way of pointing all the domains to that subdomain. The easier way to do it would be on install wordpress on one domain name and run all the others on ubdomains/subdirectories of that domain name. Use Donncha’s Domain Mapping plugin to point the domain name you want the subdomain/subdirectory.

      As for running other blogs in subdirectories, like I mentioned I haven’t tested it with subdirectory installs so I really don’t know whether it would work. Also I don’t think this version will work with the latest version of wordpress just yet. I’m working on an update that I should release later this month.

  • GLerner
    #3 written by GLerner  4 years ago

    My web hosting provider ( ) has automated setting up parked domains and add-on domains, so not everyone there knows how to set up or modify VHosts on their Apache servers.

    They recognize that many customers will want to set up multiple domain/multiple blog installations of WordPress. So they are researching how to set it up, and how to move people’s existing domains as needed to work with WordPress setups.

    I have in public_html/, and in public_html/domain2/.

    Talking with them, seems like a good approach is to move to public_html/domain1/, and install WordPress 3 in public_html/, and access WordPress admin through the provider’s server URL ( Would that work? Or set up an “only known on this server” name for VHost to use? Or would I have to get an additional domain name, for use by WordPress?

    How about a description and detailed instructions for how a hosting provider with customers having common setups, can change the setup of existing web sites, install WordPress 3 with your plugin?

    • Joe Jacobs
      #4 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      The easiest way to do this would be to install wordpress in root say using domain1. To have a VHOST install you need wildcard dns enabled for domain1. There are loads of instructions on the web on how to do this. Just ask your hosting provider they should be able to do it.

      Once that is done and wordpress is installed in VHOST mode, set up another blog on wordpress in a subdomain of domain1. Then park domain2 on top of domain1 and use Donncha’s Domain Mapping plugin to map that domain name to the blog you want. That should do it!

      If you want you could set up a subdirectory install of wordpress, set up a blog in a subdirectory using wordpress and use the plugin to point domain2 to the blog.

  • GLerner
    #5 written by GLerner  4 years ago

    You’ve done all this work to write a plugin. But without instructions, we can’t use it. Take a few minutes and write instructions.

    What does “set up another blog mean? (Separate installation of WordPress files? Use WP3’s Superadmin, Sites?) What does “park domain2 on top of domain1″ mean? (Same location? Subdomain? Subfolder?)

    Please get clear, as in “use a specific example”. What VHost commands? What addresses do domain1 and domain2 get mapped to?

    On an Apache server, does my main domain (with large website), currently mapped to public_html, need to be moved to a subdomain (public_html/domain1)? To a subfolder (public_html/subfolder1)?

    Does WordPress3 need to be in public_html to use your plugin? What are the requirements, in terms of domains or subdomains or subfolders, for the location of the WordPress files?

    • Joe Jacobs
      #6 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      Sorry for the late reply. I also apologize about the documentation. Writing plugins is something that I do in my free time and I haven’t had very much of that lately hence the lack of documentation.

      Firstly, please note that the current version of the plugin (0.1.1) does not work on WP3.0. There should be another release later this month/early next month with support for WP3.0. As mentioned in the readme, I haven’t tested this plugin on subdirectory installs or with WP installed in any directory other than the root directory. In theory, it should work but again I have to stress that I have not tested it in these scenarios so I am not sure what will happen.

      Regarding the setting up VHOSTS, it is not something you can do from within cPanel or Plesk. Your hosting provider will have to manually set up wildcard subdomains for your account and very few hosting providers allow you to do this.

      However I am not sure that this plugin is what you are looking for. What this plugin does is allow you to run a blogs on subdomains of say, and with WP installed on just one of the domain names (eg. WP would have to be installed on the root of and will have to be parked on top of (if you are not sure what this means Google “domain parking”)

      In your case what I think you are trying to do is run WP blogs on and without installing WP in the root directory (ie. public_html). The easiest method would be to run to separate installations of wordpress in the subdirectories. That would definitely work. Your method could work as well although you would need to use Donncha’s domain mapping plugin to map the domains to the blogs. Either way, my plugin is definitely not what you want.

  • SM
    #7 written by SM  4 years ago

    Hi Joe,
    thanks for a great plugin. Could you please tell me if what I want to do can be achieve with your plugin or with another one (in that case, which?).

    Here’s my case:
    I have 2 different and independent domains: and
    Neither one is a subdomain of the other.

    Each domain has their own look and feel. However, they both have the SAME content. So Article-A is displayed in both sites, only with a different skin.

    Is your plugin what I need in order to have and share the same content.

    From what I know (and I’m not a techie) this would be the same as having and, which is the sample use of your plugin.


    • Joe Jacobs
      #8 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      Unfortunately the current version of this plugin will not do what you want. My plugin will redirect to so content and theme will be the same. Sorry!!!

      • SM
        #9 written by SM  4 years ago

        Thanks for the prompt response.
        Do you know what plugin will let me do that?

        • Joe Jacobs
          #10 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

          I don’t know of any plugin in particular but GLearners solution would do the trick. You woul hve to write a lot of the code yourself though.

  • GLerner
    #11 written by GLerner  4 years ago

    @SM, might be simpler to look for the php code to select which theme to display. Park where is (any hosting provider can do that).
    This php code (enclose in opening and closing statements, of course) detects which domain name was used:
    $servname = getenv (“SERVER_NAME”);
    if ($servname == “”) {
    // set theme one way
    } else { // set it the other way

    But, what do you need two domains with same content for?

    There are plugins to allow you to selectively duplicate a posting from one blog to another in your WP3.0 multi-site, for example Multipost MU (

    • SM
      #12 written by SM  4 years ago

      Thanks! will try that. seems like a good solution. I need to duplicate content over sites for marketing purposes.

    #13 written by  4 years ago

    Thanks, great plugin. Finally running a Multi-User WordPress with multiple domains -and- dedicated domains now!

    Only one annoying problem though. The new signup doesn’t ask for a password and sends out mail telling the user should use the password given at signup.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    • Joe Jacobs
      #14 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      Sorry mate but that’s the way WordPress is built. Maybe it has changed in 3.0 but I’m not sure. If it has I will change that for the next release.

        #15 written by  4 years ago

        I guess it has changed. Now users are supposed to be able to enter the desired password when signing up. I solved it by installing the cosmic-bp-user-signup-password plugin. Now there is only a problem if the user doesn’t fill in the password field, because there’s no check for that. But I can live with this situation. :-)

        • Asshu
          #16 written by Asshu  4 years ago

          Why don’t use Thememylogin?

          But it doesn’t appear on signup.php page :)

          BTW did you find any solution for this password while sign-up problem?

  • nowBLOGG
    #17 written by nowBLOGG  4 years ago

    Hello admin so when should we expect the plugin to be released now?

  • jon
    #18 written by jon  4 years ago

    will have to try your multi-site manager and see how it works.

  • Utah Internet Marketing
    #19 written by Utah Internet Marketing  4 years ago

    I love the plugin. I want the new version for 3.0 as soon as it is available. Please add a comment on this post when it is ready so I get notified and can check it out.



  • Asshu
    #20 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    It seems useful .I am waiting for upgraded plugin for 3.0 .

  • Asshu
    #21 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    WordPress released it’s new version 3.1 and we love to have this plugin updated.

  • Asshu
    #22 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    I am using Doncha’s Domain mapping plugin and my wp-contant folder have already sunrise.php .Am I still need to upload yet-another-multi-site-manager ‘s dm-sunrise.php?

    • Joe Jacobs
      #23 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      Yes, if you are using an older version of donncha’s plugin. It will not work with the newer version. I am a little tied up at the moment so I haven’t had the time to work on a new version.

  • Asshu
    #24 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    Thanks ! for your reply

    I am using the latest version of Donncha’s domain mapping plugin .

    How can I use both do Donncha’s domain mapping plugin and yours ?

    • Joe Jacobs
      #25 written by Joe Jacobs  4 years ago

      You will have to merge donncha’s sunrise.php and my sunrise.php

  • Asshu
    #26 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    Thanks !
    But both the Donncha’s domain mapping plugin ‘s sunrise.php and and yet-another-multi-site-manager ’s dm-sunrise.php has the same content .

    how do I merge it? You mean to add dm-sunrise.php’s content to Donncha’s domain mapping plugin ‘s sunrise.php file?

  • Asshu
    #27 written by Asshu  4 years ago


    I configured yet-another-multi-site-manager and I can able to use internal sub-domains like and as alternate domains .I can able to create sub-sites on those domains successfully like .

    But Unfortunately when I set external domain(Primary domain Registered some where else) the sub-site’s URL showing error page..

    Example: is addon domain pointing to my multi-site installation folder .A sub-site created under it is .This sub-site’s URL showing error page.

    Actually I am pointing that external domain pointing to Numeric IP(My hosting is shared hosting) address of my multisite domain.Later adding that domain as an addon pointing to my Multisite installation folder .

    Does any one have Idea on this?I think that I have wrongly configured the DNS of Addon domain .

  • Asshu
    #28 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    Today I have successfully created some blogs using this plugin with external domains .

    But there is problem with signin and register links on these sites .I don’t know how to solve them .

  • Asshu
    #29 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    The reason for the problem in accessing the sites on additional domains is ..the plugin still have the wpmu values rather than ‘ms’ .

    One can use the domains with in the primary domain .But one cannot use multiple domains successfully with this bug .

  • Asshu
    #30 written by Asshu  4 years ago

    I think you activated comment subscription to this topic .Good to listen that .I received subscription mail to my comments today

    Thanks !

  • Bronco
    #31 written by Bronco  3 years ago

    This is a real cool feature. I installed it with the actual wordpress version 3.04 and buddypress. I have to change some things and the domain mapping is not working yet but hey it’s for free!!! thx for this plugin… maybe if u want to update to budypress and domain mapping 5.3 contact me i will tell u me experiences

    • Joe Jacobs
      #32 written by Joe Jacobs  3 years ago

      Glad you got it working. I haven’t had the time to work on the plugin. If you’re interested in contributing, send me a diff or something and I’ll list you as a contributor.

  • Asshu
    #33 written by Asshu  3 years ago


    It have bugs with latest versions.I tried but there are some things to fix in plugin files .Would you please tell how you fixed them ?

    Thanks !

  • Joe Jacobs
    #34 written by Joe Jacobs  3 years ago

    Hey all. Apologies for the delay. I have been extremely busy these past few months. Anyways, I will be continuing work on this plugin since there is a lot of demand of it. I will have a new version out by end Feb/early March.

    • Asshu
      #35 written by Asshu  3 years ago

      Hello Joe !

      Just came back to know if it is ready to download :) Just curious, not to disturb you

    • Asshu
      #36 written by Asshu  3 years ago

      I would like to know if it is finished . Just curious to know :)

    • Asshu
      #37 written by Asshu  3 years ago

      Hello Joe ,

      Would you please tell me the status of new update

      • Joe Jacobs
        #38 written by Joe Jacobs  3 years ago

        Well I have a modified version that’s works on one of my sites running 3.2 but I need to anonymise that first before I can release it.

        Only problem is I’m a little busy right now. Will definitely work towards releasing it soon but I’ll stop short of giving you a promise date! Sorry…

        • Asshu
          #39 written by Asshu  3 years ago


          Thanks for your kind response !

          Sorry for troubling you with frequent requests about the plugin. But I am very much in need of that.

          Can you please provide(Mail the file to my email Id) that modified version. I can adjust with that and won’t trouble you if I get any trouble later. I hope you understand my requirement. Will be Looking forward for your kind response

          Thank you!

          • Joe Jacobs
            #40 written by Joe Jacobs  3 years ago

            Unfortunately I can’t do that as a lot of code is hardcoded and also some confidential stuff.

          • Asshu
            #41 written by Asshu  3 years ago

            Hmm, That’s my Bad Luck joe

            I don’t trouble you more and this would be my last message. Just email me if you ever want to provide the plugin files in the future

            See you !

  • Asshu
    #42 written by Asshu  3 years ago

    Glad to hear it Joe

    I will be more than happier if you could update it.There is no such plugin to use ‘Multiple domains(Domain mapping is different thing)’

  • Asshu
    #43 written by Asshu  3 years ago

    BTW,any plans on updating this plugin “-wordpress-mu-subdomain-forwarding” too?

    Just curious to know as it is your another Great job

    • Joe Jacobs
      #44 written by Joe Jacobs  3 years ago

      No, I have no plans to continue working on that in the near future.

  • VBK
    #45 written by VBK  2 years ago

    This is functionality I am looking for for a long time. May I know if there are an updated version of the plugin available ? I can pay if it is a premium version

    Or please let me know if there are alternate plugins with similar functionality available .

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