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Kindle 3: Blank Page in PDF (fix)

Just a quick tip for anyone having issues viewing PDFs on a Kindle 3. I noticed that some pages just went missing (were shown as blank on the Kindle) even though I could view them fine on my Mac. If you are having this issue, one way to fix it is using Mac’s Preview application. I found that just making a change – such as inserting an extra page then removing it again – and re-saving the PDF fixed the issue. No problems with PDFs on the Kindle now.

No idea why it works, it just does. May have something to do with this but I don’t have Adobe Acrobat on my Mac and the process seemed quite tedious (although it may not be, I have no idea) so I didn’t try it. Worth a try if you are on Windows I guess.

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I’ve decided to call my Twitter app pyTwit. I’ve searched the Twitter Fan Wiki list of apps and there doesn’t seem to be a pyTwit yet so I’ve decided to claim the name (hey it rhymes!)

Anyways, I did a version 0.1.1 which was basically adding the functionality for posting tweets but I’ve also added many more features (like displaying multiple timelines and a command system for using the different features) and redesigned the code structure so I’ve decided to call this one version 0.2

You can check it out here. I’ve also included a compiled Windows executable in the archive for those who are unfortunate enough to be running using Microsuck Windows…me included 🙁

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My own Twitter app

OK I know we really don’t need yet another Twitter app but I’m doing this to practice programming in python. This is version 0.1 so I’ll definately add more stuff as I go along.

I’m using the XML feed from the Twitter REST API. I know there are modules to process the XML feed (like minidom and sax) but I decided to write my own method for processing the feed for educational purposes. My method won’t work with any feed (yet) but it’ll work fine for the Twitter feed.

At the moment, the app will only get your friends timeline and display it for you. I’ll add more functionality later this week if I have the time. In the mean time please try it out. All comments/criticism/suggestions/feedback are welcomed.


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