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Tweets on 2009-04-05

  • 4 hours and 3 code rewrites later, i find out that the damn error was because buddypress didn’t create the damn table! #

Tweets on 2009-03-02

  • RT@trentadams: **Buddypress will run on normal WP**. Guess WPMU goes back to being poor country cousin again <#
  • @stormbasiat I could hear it. what is it? in reply to stormbasiat #
  • does anyone else have “entrepreneurs” who follow you, then unfollow you once you follow them? bloody irritating! #
  • RT @make: DIY snowmaking: Brad made a snowcovered slope with his own DIY snowmaking rig. http://tinyurl.com/b362dv << super cool! #
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Tweets on 2008-12-13

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Tweets on 2008-11-26

  • my server is very slow today for some reason. can’t even open a page! #
  • dying to try out buddypress #
  • @apeatling didn’t know you had test site up. I’ll give it a go right away. thx for the heads-up in reply to apeatling #
  • @apeatling aren’t gravatars built into buddypress? in reply to apeatling #
  • looks like my db server is the one with the problem. and since i’ve only got 1 db server the prob (whatever it is) slows down all my sites! #
  • tried to change my flight home for christmas so I can attend the cambridge interview. just got the confirmation email frm malaysia airlines #
  • no connection problems between db server and file servers…so where’s the problem??? #
  • could someone pls visit my blog (joejacobs.org) and tell me whether it takes a while to load so I will know if it’s just an issue with my pc #
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