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3 years ago

Malaysia Gambles on Processing Rare Earths –

KUANTAN, Malaysia — A colossal construction project here could help determine whether the world can break China’s chokehold on the strategic metals crucial to products as diverse as Apple’s iPhone,Toyota’s Prius and Boeing’s smart bombs.

As many as 2,500 construction workers will soon be racing to finish the world’s largest refinery for so-called rare earth metals — the first rare earth ore processing plant to be built outside China in nearly three decades.

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  • just opened up my old iPod. I’ve now got a 20GB hard disk (2nd gen so yes, it is a hard disk) to play with but I don’t know if it’s working. #
  • @bizzar528 ok will do in reply to bizzar528 #
  • ceiva staff posing as clients are posting comments on posts abt the closure of momento live all over the net from ceiva ips…seriously guys #
  • RT @charlesyeo: Breaking News! Bird flu out break in China. All twitterers there put under quarantine! #
  • had to google #sxsw…feeling like a total idiot now #

Slashdot | China’s .cn Now the Second Most Popular TLD


Slashdot | China’s .cn Now the Second Most Popular TLD.

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