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Machine Learning, meet Computer Vision

Computer vision, the field of building computer algorithms to automatically understand the contents of images, grew out of AI and cognitive neuroscience around the 1960s. “Solving” vision was famously set as a summer project at MIT in 1966, but it quickly became apparent that it might take a little longer! The general image understanding task remains elusive 50 years later, but the field is thriving. Dramatic progress has been made, and vision algorithms have started to reach a broad audience, with particular commercial successes including interactive segmentation available as the “Remove Background” feature in Microsoft Office, image search, face detection and alignment, and human motion capture for Kinect. Almost certainly the main reason for this recent surge of progress has been the rapid uptake of machine learning ML over the last 15 or 20 years.

This first post in a two-part series will explore some of the challenges of computer vision and touch on the powerful ML technique of decision forests for pixel-wise classification.

Read the full article by Jamie Shotton, Antonio Criminisi and Sebastian Nowozin on TechNet Blogs – Machine Learning.

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Prof. David Lowe from the University of British Columbia has compiled a list of companies (mainly in Europe and North America) that develop machine vision (a.k.a. computer vision) products. Useful place to start if you’re considering a career in this industry.

This web page lists companies that develop computer vision products. Computer vision (also often referred to as “machine vision” for industrial vision applications) is the automated extraction of information from images. This differs from image processing, in which an image is processed to produce another image. This page covers only products based on computer vision, and it does not cover image processing or any of the many suppliers of sensors or other equipment to the industry.

The Computer Vision Industry by Prof. David Lowe.

The Computer Vision Industry

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This looks pretty cool…Leap Motion. Seems like it’s vision based although there doesn’t seem to be much details available. Either way, it looks pretty neat although they don’t have anything for Linux yet. Just Windows and Mac I think.

Leap Motion

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