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A script that minimises a Debian 6 install and removes everything but essentials.

via maxexcloo/Minimal.

Strip Debian to Minimal

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Tweets on 2009-02-26

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Tweets on 2009-02-08

  • python running haywire on my debian machine #
  • ok fixed python, will work on trac tomorrow…nite all #
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Tweets on 2009-01-19

  • friends timeline in pyTwit still playing up. the replies and public timeline seem to be working fine though…weird #
  • aptitude installs v0.10.3 of trac which has a bug that doesn’t allow me to sync trac with svn. looks like i’ll have to reinstall trac 0. … #
  • timeline #
  • arrrghh…another pyTwit bug. ah well i’ll look into it tomorrow. too sleepy now. gd nite twitterland #
  • whoa, i just realised @stephenfry is following me on twitter! well he’s following a billion others as well but still… 😀 #
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