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Tweets on 2009-02-17

  • three children wrongfully removed but UK law prevents them being returned to family http://url.ie/174s what is the world coming to? #
  • RT @manutd_updates: Hansen backs Giggs for PFA award http://litturl.com/xme -> about time he won it! #
  • it’s amazing how many ‘buy a degree’ spam emails are going around these days #
  • is it still called debugging if you’re trying to debug a bug that actually isn’t there? #
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Tweets on 2009-02-06

  • there’s a weird bug with the timeline in pytwit that I can’t reproduce. sometimes it’s there but sometimes it just works fine…freaky! #
  • omg it is sooo cold outside #
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Tweets on 2009-01-31

  • errors every 2 lines but the code looks fine to me… #

Tweets on 2009-01-30

  • note to self: always make sure back-up isn’t corrupt before working on database #
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Tweets on 2009-01-19

  • friends timeline in pyTwit still playing up. the replies and public timeline seem to be working fine though…weird #
  • aptitude installs v0.10.3 of trac which has a bug that doesn’t allow me to sync trac with svn. looks like i’ll have to reinstall trac 0. … #
  • timeline #
  • arrrghh…another pyTwit bug. ah well i’ll look into it tomorrow. too sleepy now. gd nite twitterland #
  • whoa, i just realised @stephenfry is following me on twitter! well he’s following a billion others as well but still… 😀 #
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Tweets on 2009-01-18

  • anyone know if it’s possible to get mod_auth_mysql working on litespeed? #
  • @czajkowski i was trying (unsuccessfully) to set up a network printer on my house mate’s notebook… in reply to czajkowski #
  • @jjriv I’m not a big fan of RoR but I’ll check it out anyway…thx in reply to jjriv #
  • i think I have to spice up pyTwit a little…it’s next to impossible to track replies #
  • omg this is embarassing. I built in a command to show replies in pyTwit but I forgot I put it there…great developer I’m turning out to be #
  • thank God for berbatov…champions back on top (come on United!) #
  • @photomatt manual translation available if you’re desperate…don’t worry my translations are open source as well 😀 in reply to photomatt #
  • just combined the user tables for both my blogs. trying to configure trac to work with it as well but without success so far… #
  • ah found another bug in pytwit. the ‘tweet’ command goes into a loop when the status is too long #
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