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21st trip around the sun

…and so another year of my life goes by on this little rock we call Earth. It’s been a tough year but I did achieve a lot of things.

  1. First, and probably most importantly, I made it into the University of Bristol to study Computer Science. Not that I had any doubts but still it’s kind of a relief to finally be here.
  2. I dumped Windows Vista!!! Not as important or hard to do as the previous one (especially given what a great job Microsoft did with it!) but Compaq (or HP rather) sure as hell didn’t make it easy to switch.
  3. I have gone Open Source. After years of putting it off I finally decided, with the help of Vista, to switch over to Ubuntu. Not the best Linux distro out there but hey, it’s a start.
  4. I grew a box beard. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and finally did it last year. It didn’t last very long though. I had to get rid of it before I flew back for Christmas.
  5. I went to see Manchester United vs Everton in the English Premier League at Old Trafford with Shaun and GaPs.
  6. I took 6 whole months (Nov 2009 – April 2010) off all forms of sport to let my knee heal properly, something which I should have done 2 years ago although I still don’t know what the hell was wrong with it in the first place!
  7. I’m 21 years old! Not really an achievement but now I don’t have to worry about age limits for clubs and pubs any more and THAT is something 😀

Not a very impressive list but all relatively important to me. So kudos to everyone who helped me through this year, both family and friends. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to another 21 years of excitement…but hopefully with a lot less drama. I think I have had enough of that to last me a lifetime!!! Oh and of course, to mark another birthday, a new design for the site. Hope you like it!

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Joe Jacobs v20

Another year, another birthday…

To mark my turning another year older (and unfortunately another year bigger as well..literally) I’ve decided to give the blog a little redesign. The design was getting a bit too blue for my liking so I thought something a little brighter this time would be nice. I was going to call this post Joe Jacobs v2.0 but then I realised that I’ve probably redesigned this site about 20 times so version 20 is probably not that far off. So time to come out of your RSS readers guys! Here’s a little glimpse for those of you who are just too lazy 😉

Joe Jacobs 19 vs Joe Jacobs 20

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Temp Design…

Ok I’ve finally settled on a temporary design to use until I finish my own. Finding a suitable one wasn’t easy because I wanted one that wasn’t too crouded yet had enough space for me to put a whole lotta rubbish in it. This one is called Illacrimo by Design Disease. Off course I wil change the design again soon for the Christmas season, as I do every year, but that will only last for a month or so. This is a more long-term design as I probably won’t have the time to finish my own design until I’m done with my university application.

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