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1 year ago

Digital ‘Cloud’ could form over London for the 2012 Olympics


Digital ‘Cloud’ could form over London for the 2012 Olympics.


Tweets on 2009-03-04

  • just got my ATMega328 arduino upgrade from @adafruit #
  • RT @make: Mobius music strip plays on … and on #
  • RT @LisaSabinWilson: Free WordPress For Dummies books and WP Themes at the ServerBeach Exhibit Booth – SXSW #
  • Jon Stewart: Forget Twitter, Try Grunter: (via @om) << brilliant! #
  • RT @trentadams: 4 Handed Guitar << freakin amazing! #
  • …and just when it looked like the weather in London was getting warmer, weather forecasters predict another cold snap and more snow #

Tweets on 2009-02-25

  • staying in college for a few more hours so I don’t have to travel back to central London later for dinner. #
  • RT @make: Eyebrow switch: the Brauswitch by Robert Carlsen.. << lol, pretty cool though #

Tweets on 2009-02-16

  • 4am in London and I can’t sleep… #

Tweets on 2009-02-11

  • thank God for dos2unix. saved me a lot of time #
  • anyone going to #ldntwestival? #

Tweets on 2009-02-02

  • …and it’s snowing again! #
  • @stephenfry good luck getting anywhere if you’re in London. I just went to the tube station and the whole network is practically suspended! in reply to stephenfry #
  • and now I know what it feels like to be snowed in…well not literally snowed in. I can get out but I can’t go anywhere! I’m lovin’ it! #
  • – #uksnow the view from my room window #
  • #uksnow the drama continues…heathrow airport has been closed #
  • #uksnow looks like my college is closed as well. no news from anyone yet… #
  • #uksnow my college officially closed!€ #

Tweets on 2009-01-12

  • oh twitter i missed you… #
  • oops, almost forgot…happy new year everyone! my first day back online this year :D #
  • Utd 3 – Chelsea 0….it’s been a great new year so far! #
  • @TheChrisD I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m really sick of it as well! in reply to TheChrisD #
  • can’t believe it actually snowed 3 times last week…unheard of in London! #
  • I think I’m gonna install Trac on my server for project management…your views??? #

Tweets on 2008-11-27

  • ok I can’t think of anything else. server is still slow, no conn problem, more than enough ram on server. i’m just gonna disable all plugins #
  • now my server has crashed. great! #
  • a geeks christmas wish list (that would be me!) via @timoreilly #
  • @hummingbird604 if you’re looking for housing in London…good luck ;) in reply to hummingbird604 #
  • couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with the server so I decided to reformat the hard disk. trying to reconfigure it now #
  • reconfigured the server and it’s still fucking slow! #

Tweets on 2008-11-20

  • omg firefox is sooo heavy on memory… #
  • I’m on the tube, stuck just before White City and the carriage I’m in is full of noisy babies…if this isn’t arse luck I don’t know wha … #
  • On my to check out Westfield, the new shopping complex in White City #
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