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Driving a car with an iPhone


Make: Online : Driving a car with an iPhone. A freaking car. For reals..

DIY Transformers


Oh my God this is soooo awesome!

via Make: Online : Transforming robot.

Tweets on 2009-02-25

  • staying in college for a few more hours so I don’t have to travel back to central London later for dinner. #
  • RT @make: Eyebrow switch: the Brauswitch by Robert Carlsen.. << lol, pretty cool though #

Tweets on 2009-02-24


Tweets on 2009-01-28

  • wp-login doesn’t worked for mapped domains on wpmu 2.7…trying to figure out why #
  • omg did I actually say doesn’t worked…meant doesn’t work :D #
  • I overslept this morning. woke up an hour late and missed my first class #
  • RT: @make HOW TO – Hack construction signs: Via Neatorama… – wish i could try this somewhere #
  • @donncha the domain mapping fix worked…thanks #
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