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Tweets on 2009-03-10

  • @wordpressdotcom stats plugin isn’t working for some reason. is the server down or somethine? #
  • wp.com stats screen just turned bright orange with some code on it so they’re obviously having some problems #
  • @apeatling if it’s snowing in the uk I think it would *definitely* snow in Canada #
  • just fixed header error in wpmu subdomain forwarding plugin #
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WordPress MU Subdomain Forwarding 0.1

My first WordPress plugin. The plugin basically turns a vanilla WordPress MU installation into a subdomain forwarding/mapping site. It supports path forwarding and allows path forwarding for a hosted profile. I’ve just spend the past hour writing the plugin description, instructions, etc. so I’m a little tired of writing right now. More info on the plugin here.

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Tweets on 2009-02-21

  • trying to figure out how to [properly] use the_editor for my mu plugin. found this (http://url.ie/17ol) but it still comes up pretty messy #
  • ok time for bed. night all #
  • this is the second time akismet detected my comment on MY BLOG as spam…wtf?! #
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Tweets on 2009-02-18

  • been working on mu plugin all day. just one last thing to sort out and beta release should be ready. #
  • ok i think my head will explode if I stay up any longer…night all #
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Tweets on 2009-02-14

  • working on a couple of wpmu plugins. should have alpha versions out today. #
  • just got an email from UCAS reminding me to reply to my offers. can’t decide which one to choose as my CI (bristol, york or southampton) #
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Tweets on 2009-01-23

  • now i can really test wp super cache. engadget just linked to my site and the hits have started coming in… #
  • ok that’s 6 pingbacks in 20 minutes, 5 of those from sites that just cloned the engadget article #
  • if only woopra were working I wouldn’t have to keep refreshing the wp.com stats page in my admin cp… #
  • oh wait i can monitor the stats on wp.com….hehe 😀 #
  • ok most of the US hasn’t woken up yet and traffic has already begun to spike… :S #
  • @donccha if i lock down my blog with wp super cache, will the cached pages be regenerated every time someone comments? #
  • @donncha sorry i meant when i directly cache a page in reply to donncha #
  • @donncha thanks I’ll try that in reply to donncha #
  • the hits on the momento live post for today alone is twice the highest number of hits i ever got for my whole blog…did i say that right? #
  • WPMU 2.7 beta released http://tinyurl.com/clnt4v #
  • Who would’ve thunk a little “read” link on Engadget could have caused so much problems…Thank God for WP Super Cache! #
  • think I’m gonna have an early nite (yes, 11.30pm is early by my standards) gd nite twitterland! #
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Server issues/WP Super Gibberish

I’ve been having some server issues lately which caused the site to be SUPER SLOW! It seems to be okay now. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but the server seems to have fixed itself (now that’s what I call artificial intelligence!)

I am also having some issues with WP Super Cache. It displays garbled text everytime expired pages are deleted and re-cached. I’ve tried switching compression off so hopefully that works. This is normally caused by mod_deflate which re-compresses files that are already gzipped but I’m not using apache so I don’t think that applies to me (or does it?). If anyone has any idea why the compression doesn’t work please leave a comment.

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Tweets on 2008-12-09

  • activated my usual plugins and load time went back up to 40s. Deactivated Twitter Tools and load time reduced to 27s… #
  • preparing for tomorrows interview with york…wish me luck! #
  • ok better get to bed or i’ll be falling asleep during the interview…nite all #
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Scripts are up

I’ve just finished uploading the scripts and creating pages for each of them. It was tedious because I had to edit each page manually but I’ve finally finished. I’ve also updated the HotScripts download links. I will probably start work tomorrow on a plugin for the software page, to track the downloads and manage the pages. I’m using this plugin at the moment. It’s works great but it means I have to update the script pages seperately after I’ve uploaded the file. Anyways, will update on plugin progress tomorrow. Time for my beauty sleep now!

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