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Adding an option instead of making a decision for the user is almost always bad UI design.

Except when it’s not.

The problem with a mantra like this is that it quickly gets elevated to almost biblical status. When used by a disgruntled developer it can be used to shoot down just about any initiative. Like Godwins law for WordPress: once you drop the “decisions not options” bomb, rational discussion comes to a halt.

Read the full article on Noscope.

Good Decisions, Else Options

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Hello Bar: WordPress as an application platform

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Redis is an advanced key-value store. Like memcached on steroids. Everything is in the RAM and you can theoretically reach 100 000 GET per second with Redis.


My solution below will cache all the HTML output in Redis and display it without the need to load WordPress. I am using Redis instead of Varnish as it is easier to setup and probably also faster.

via Lightning Fast WordPress with Redis as a Frontend Cache.

Lightning Fast WordPress with Redis as a Frontend Cache

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Tweets on 2009-03-09

  • just upgraded wpmu to 2.7 on TheBlogSite.info #
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Tweets on 2009-03-04

  • just got my ATMega328 arduino upgrade from @adafruit #
  • RT @make: Mobius music strip plays on … and on http://tinyurl.com/d6tsqs #
  • RT @LisaSabinWilson: Free WordPress For Dummies books and WP Themes at the ServerBeach Exhibit Booth – SXSW http://tinyurl.com/cl7lw5 #
  • Jon Stewart: Forget Twitter, Try Grunter: http://tinyurl.com/dlev6d (via @om) << brilliant! #
  • RT @trentadams: 4 Handed Guitar http://ff.im/-1jPab << freakin amazing! #
  • …and just when it looked like the weather in London was getting warmer, weather forecasters predict another cold snap and more snow #
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Tweets on 2009-03-02

  • RT@trentadams: **Buddypress will run on normal WP**. Guess WPMU goes back to being poor country cousin again <#
  • @stormbasiat I could hear it. what is it? in reply to stormbasiat #
  • does anyone else have “entrepreneurs” who follow you, then unfollow you once you follow them? bloody irritating! #
  • RT @make: DIY snowmaking: Brad made a snowcovered slope with his own DIY snowmaking rig. http://tinyurl.com/b362dv << super cool! #
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WordPress MU Subdomain Forwarding 0.1

My first WordPress plugin. The plugin basically turns a vanilla WordPress MU installation into a subdomain forwarding/mapping site. It supports path forwarding and allows path forwarding for a hosted profile. I’ve just spend the past hour writing the plugin description, instructions, etc. so I’m a little tired of writing right now. More info on the plugin here.

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i-mate Momento Digital Photo Frame

I decided to get my grandfather a 7″ i-mate Momento digital photo frame thinking that I could set it up to pull photos from my photoblog via rss. Well, I just got it today and I’m trying to set it up before I go back to Malaysia on 15 December so that he will just have to connect it to the WiFi network to run it

Well, firstly, this thing is super cool! It looks quite slick and the picture quality is quite good as well. You can set it up to pull photos from any PC on your network and I’ve also read that it supports Vista SideShow gadgets which is great if you’re unfortunate enough to be running a Vista machine on your home network. You can also pull pictures off the web by signing up for a Momento Live account but that’s where the problems strt.

Momento Live is actually pretty cool. When you sign-up for an account, which I’m guessing is free since they haven’t asked for any payment yet, you get a Momento Live email address which you can use to send pictures straight to your photoframe. You can also send pictures straight to your photo frame via MMS.

Unfortunately, if you want to do what I want to do (display pictures from your non-Flickr-Windows Live-or-Picasa-powered photoblog via RSS) you’ll be disappointed. Momento Live will actually work pretty well for most people since it can pull pictures from almost anywhere else on the web (Flick RSS, Flickr Tags, Picasa Web Albums, Picasa RSS, Windows Live Spaces, etc.) but not fromyour own RSS. I could sign up for a Flickr account and somehow import all of my photos from my server but then I’m not the only one who’s going to be posting pictures.

I come from a HUGE family and once everyone hears about this they are all going to want to be able to post pictures straight to the frame. So I decided to write a script which basically generates an RSS feed from all photos in a directory. To make it easier for Momento Live to process it I’ve structured in exactly the same way as a Flickr RSS feed but now Momento Live does not recognise the URL as a valid Flickr RSS URL. I’ve sent an email to the Momento Live support team about this and I’m hoping they get back to me soon with some good news.

UPDATE: Momento Live service will be shut down

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